Summary of Protective Covenants

1.  Land Use:  Lots must be used for residential or non-commercial agricultural purposes only.  A maximum of one house per lot will be permitted.  Any housing construction commenced must be completed within one year.  No lot shall be subdivided.


2.  Dwelling Size:  1,200 square feet minimum (heated area).


3.  Unapproved Dwellings:  No mobile or modular homes will be permitted.


4.  Animals:  Farm animals (with the exception of swine or poultry houses) and household pets are permitted.        


5.  Garbage and Junk Vehicles:  Lots cannot be used as a dumping ground for trash or garbage.  No junk vehicles or parts will be permitted.  Any motor vehicles parked or placed on a lot must be registered and licensed. ​

Hart County - Kotal Circle

I have one tract remaining in this development as follows:

Tract #1 is 5.261 acres with a creek near the back.  It is mostly wooded with a small open area in the front.  The price is $31,039.90 with a 20 year monthly payment of $249.40.  The nearest GPS address is 56 Kotal Circle, Canon, GA.  Tract #1 is to the right of this address. Go look anytime!  Look for the sign. There is also a posted sign there.  It's to keep hunters away.  It doesn't apply to you.  Feel free to walk the tract.

Below is a picture of the creek, a plat and a summary of the protective covenants.

NorthStar Developm​ent, Inc.