NorthStar Developm​ent, Inc.


All land tracts qualify for owner financing.  The annual interest rate is 7.9% and the advertised term is 20 years.  I will finance a land tract for any period of time you wish up to 30 years.  I urge my customers to finance over as short a period of time as possible.  With a 30 year loan it takes years before you see any significant reduction in your loan balance.

The down payment can be as low as $1,000.00.  Of course, the more money you put down, the lower your payments will be.  All payment schedules shown on this web-site assume a $1,000.00 down payment, 7.9% interest rate and a term of 20 years.  Interest is calculated using the simple-interest method. 

A statement will be mailed to you in January of each year showing the loan activity for the previous year.  Once you identify the tract of land you want, give me a call and we'll arrange a meeting time and place to sign the documents.